How To Consult Dr. Aamir Mustafa Homeopathic Physician:

Online Homeopathy treatment for Patients within Pakistan

Dr Aamir Mustafa, makes his expertise available to global community of patients. He has under his care patients from 180 countries at this time (Aug 2015). He treats patients especially for the chronic and obstinate disease conditions. He does not treat patients who need hospital based treatment or critical care, such as heart attack, surgical conditions, and the like.

There are two ways to consult Dr. Aamir Mustafa:

I. Consult Online:

Dr Aamir Mustafa has pioneered online homeopathic treatment in Pakistan. His online treatment protocol allows any one, any where on the earth to consult him.

The steps to consultation and treatment with Dr. Aamir Mustafa:

a. Step 1: Write us for the treatment:

First of all you write us all about your present complaints in short details and make our online treatment plan’s payment. You can follow our payment procedure as you easy describe as under.

  1. Use online/internet banking: The fastest and the most convenient way to get treatment is to do. it online banking using a credit/debit card or by internet banking money transfer system. For internet/online banking you can use our account details as under.

    Title Name: Dr. Aamir Mustafa
    Branch Code: 0042
    Acct number: 01020011235
    Branch Name: SONERI Bank Pvt. Ltd. Cavalry Ground, Lahore.

  2. You can send us payment by Mobile Cash Transfer System (easypaisa, mobicash, UBLomni, etc….). for this payment procedure you required our details describe you as under:

    CNIC Number: 35201-1542304-7
    Cell Number: 0300-4438084

    You can send check or bank draft to our office in the Pakistan Lahore. Click here for address.

  3. Western Union money transfer: You may pay by Western Union and send code number to our office by e-mail in case of you live abroad.

b. Step 2: Receive a questionnaire:

After receive your payment you will receive an automated mail (instantly) in your mail box with questionnaire form PDF or Word format.

c. Step 3: Give your history:

You may take your own time to fill up the questionnaire form. (It is also possible for you to send us a questionnaire reply by post or email; or speak to our doctors over the phone or skype after send your filled questionnaire form. )

d. Step 4: Dr. Aamir Mustafa will review your case:

Dr. Aamir Mustafa will take a day or two to study your case and medicines will be posted to your address.

e. Step 5: Receive medicine at your doorstep:

You will receive a pack of medicine from Dr. Aamir’s Specialist Homeopathic Online Clinic, any where in the Pakistan.

f. Step 6: Feedback to Dr. Aamir Mustafa:

You will update your report to Dr. Aamir Mustafa time to time for further medicines, depending on the progress you make.

g. Support:

Dr. Aamir’s Specialist Homeopathic Online Clinic, is open six days a week. You may speak to Dr. Aamir Mustafa over the phone with a prior intimation. You may send an e-mail message any time and any number of times for support and help.

II. Consult in Person:

Dr. Aamir Mustafa is available for consultation at his Dr. Aamir’s Specialist Homeopathic Online Clinic (amongst Pakistan’s largest homeopathic clinic) in Lahore from Monday to Saturday. He can also be consulted through his team of doctors at his clinic

a. Appointment:

Appointment can be fixed, at least a two days in advance, by Phone: + 92-42-35700346, 300-4438084, 333-4221260; or by our online appointment form.

What is online homeopathic treatment ?

Online Homeopathy treatment means that the patient is delivered treatment right at his door step , anywhere in the world.

How can the homeopathy treatment be done even without seeing the patient?

Modern day facilities like email, skype, video calling ,sending pictures and audio & video chat are a great help in completely overcoming this hurdle.