I am now being attacked by ghosts.

Ghost Attacked
Few months later, one patient was visit my clinic and tell me “I am now being attacked by ghosts.”

how can you help me?

I found his story very interesting, so I asked him a few more questions:

Tell me how you felt when the ghosts attacked you?

He answered:

Ghosts come in the night when I lay down and they try to take my soul out through my calves.

One ghost sits on my chest and puts pressure on it; he even tries to block my breathing,

It is almost impossible to stand up because the ghost is so heavy.

I feel so tired after fighting with them the whole night.

I then asked him about his stomach condition and he told me that his digestion was slow and that he had heartburn after eating (dyspepsia) and belching.

Discussion about case:

Patient actually having digestive problem due this cause after eat when he sleep his stomach filled with flatulence that is evaporate to throat and patient feel some evil pressure on throat. Patients all symptoms are telling about remedy carbo-veg. I was prescribed him 7 day doses three time daily. After one week he came back and say happily doctor what you gave me that ghost is gone away not come back after taking your remedy.

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  1. kashif Ali Shahnoor


    Dr. i am patient of chronic psoraises. From many years back this problem disturbed me. Plenty of treatments i have taken such as Allopathic, herbal,etc. None of these can help me. My younger brother is student of DHMS. He suggested me homeopathic treatment. First he gave me a remedy name kalium sulfuricum this really helped me lot in start but after that this remedy was not worked more so he changed the remedy and gave me psorinum this was not working at all. After that he gave me sulphur in little power this remedy working and i have few good results but then he suggested me not to take any further dose and give some interval in taking medicine. i am not agreed with him because my dieseas is not cured at all and i have spots on my both hands and feet. i need an expert opinion by you. please tell me about your clinic timing your consultation fee or etc. please guide me i need an expert doctor.

    • Dr. Aamir Master

      Thank you Dear Kashif Ali Shahnoor visit my blog as you ask questions all answers you can read here http://www.draamir.com

  2. Anna

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.

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