Breast Cancer Awareness and Homeopathic Treatment:

At the DrAamir’s Specialist Homeopathic Online Clinic (SHOC) we are seeing an increasing number of people referred with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This reflects an increased interest in how homeopathy approaches to breast cancer care, how can support people at different stages of the cancer diagnosis. In the past Ten years of working at the DrAamir’s SHOC,

Some people come when allopathic treatments can no longer offer them anything to save their lives. This is a frightening time for them and although the homeopathic approach may not offer a cure at this late stage of their illness, it can often offer hope of a different kind. Sometimes it helps people to outlive the prognosis given to them by months or even years. Sometimes it helps them need less in the way of allopathic medicine including pain killers and offers them continuing support despite progressive disease.

As a homeopath working in cancer care it is disappointing me sometimes to see that other healthcare professionals can be unsupported of a person’s desire to use homeopathy as complimentary and for some people the knowledge that the team is not working together can cause doubt and insecurity.

Some patients come at the beginning of their diagnosis wanting to support their bodies with gentler approaches and help themselves recover from some difficult and powerful treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As well as using homeopathic medicines, the DrAamir’s SHOC also has experience in using homeopathy cancer therapeutic medicines.Other patients come when they have finished most of their treatments but may still not be feeling well despite being given the all clear by their doctors.

In the past few years a team of us at the DrAamir’s SHOC have been carrying out a research study with women who have survived breast cancer but are having difficult menopausal symptoms. These women can not use Hormone Replacement Therapy and many of them are on a drug called Tamoxifen which can make symptoms such as hot flushes a lot worse.

In a breast cancer study we looked at 45 women all of whom had difficult menopausal symptoms, such as

  • Hot flushes,
  • Mood disturbance,
  • Fatigue and joint pains.

All of the women had a diagnosis of breast cancer. The medical profession is realising that these symptoms can really affect quality of life but allopathic approaches are limited. In particular Hormone Replacement Therapy is not advised (because the hormones in Hormone Replacement Therapy may stimulate breast cancer cells). About three quarters of the women in the study said they had found the homeopathic approach useful for their symptoms and satisfaction with the approach was high. In terms of persuading colleagues within medicine that the homeopathic approach is worth recommending, we can reassure them through research that people gain a benefit which makes a difference to them.

One wonderful aspect of the homeopathic approach is that it can be a very important opportunity to help someone re-evaluate their life and their health.

Sometimes hurts in the past have never been healed and sitting with someone as they describe difficult experiences can be itself therapeutic. Combining this therapeutic listening time with substances from nature that gently stimulate the body’s own healing potential can be an approach that through patient demand and research we can demonstrate is really worth offering to many more people.

Breast Cancer Clinical Signs

  • Palpable mass for young women, feels like small, slipper marbles. (Psora/ Pseudopsora)
  • Mammography density for older women.
  • Mass is more circumscribed and mobile than carcinoma. (Psora/ Pseudopsora)

Homeopathic Treatment for Breast Cancer

The word “cancer” conjures up images of impending death and chemotherapy sessions. The early stage of this dreadful disease, however, is curable with proper Homeopathic medicines that can provide holistic treatment for cancer. Cancer is characterised by the unwanted increase in body cells. In a normal healthy condition, the cells are born and destroyed at a proper time. In cancerous conditions, the division and multiplication of cells becomes uncontrollable and occurs at a very high pace. Homeopathy has a huge number of medicines, which are made of natural substances, to deal with early stage cancer cases. In advanced stages of cancer,however, Homeopathic remedies cannot provide a cure. In such cases, only palliation care that makes you feel better though it can’t cure is possible with natural Homeopathic medicines.It must be kept in mind though that the natural Homeopathic remedies for cancer are completely safe with no side effects.

Case Study of Breast Cancer Patient:

A 62 year-old woman was referred to us DrAamir’s SHOC with a diagnosis of hot flushes. She had undergone a left mastectomy for breast cancer in August 2014. She had always had a fear that she might get cancer as her mother had died of it.

She went on to describe the flushes: “They really drain me and take every bit of energy from me. They start in the abdomen and come up and then I feel the heat in my face. I also feel depressed and I think a lot about dying. I fear death and I fear getting older. I have lost confidence and I don’t like to go into town. I feel everybody is walking into me. I don’t go out in the dark and I worry about how I am going to get to my work when it’s dark in the morning.”

I asked if anything in her life besides the diagnosis might make her fear death. She then told me that as a young girl she had developed asthmatic suffocation and other people on her ward had died. In her past medical history she had problems with her thyroid gland.

She goes back to the flushes. “They waken me at night and I remember my dreams. I dream of a cemetery – it’s horrific with skeletons running towards me.” She has this dream recurrently.

I remember a remedy which has this connection with skeletons and I go to my computer which confirms that there is a remedy called Crotalus cascavella which might be helpful. This is a snake remedy and homeopaths have used a similar snake remedy called Lachesis to help with menopausal symptoms.

We are beginning to recognise the connections between different remedies in the same family and although Crotalus cascavella is not as well known as Lachesis I decide to prescribe Crotalus cascavella, the Brazilian Rattlesnake. Preparing the venom of the snake homeopathically makes it very safe to administer.

Within days of taking the remedy, this woman felt her flushes subsiding. She also began to gain more confidence and was able to report that she no longer felt so frightened in the dark and had managed to go back to work. A year later she is feeling very well and in some respects better than she did before her diagnosis of cancer.

When other systems of medicine fail to work effectively, and if you want to live with natural, safe, gentle, non-toxic, effective and rapid acting medicines, to relieve the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, to experience substantial improvement in your outlook and quality of life consider Homeopathy.


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